At Twin Oaks, we pride ourselves on providing each resident with exactly the care he or she needs. We create a tailor-made care plan for every resident, because each and every one has unique needs, goals, and abilities.

Our staff is also committed to building strong relationships with each patient and encourage family members to be an active part
in their recovery process. Our goal for you or your loved one

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is to maximize independence, safety and quality of life of each individual, to return to the community and in the event that Long Term care is needed, our team will be happy to assist in the transition.

Our Philosophy

We strive and do our utmost to ensure a general atmosphere in our home that fosters nurturing, caring and sensitivity for each patient.

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Our patient-centered approach to caring is what sets us apart and we are proud to have the reputation for excellence that Twin Oaks Rehab and Nursing is known for. Patients receive individualized care and attention while having their short and long term needs tended to in a comfortable, caring environment.

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    I came to Twin Oaks with a fracture in my right leg after a hit and run incident that left me unable to provide adequate care for myself. The physical therapy and occupational therapy I received, and the extra support from their rehab department, helped me make strides in the healing process. Social services worked extensively with agencies in the community to secure safe and more appropriate housing for me. After a short stay with Twin Oaks I was able to give up my previously unsafe apartment and secure a new independent apartment.

    - William D.